What is Choices Atlanta?
Choices Atlanta is a non-profit organization that celebrates the gift of being a women. We recognize that women are, indeed different, from men and that our differences are complementary to theirs. We understand that relationships are integral to our emotional well being and that we are the essential care-givers in our families, communities and society as a whole. We know that women have the capacity to support others, and it is our mission to support women.

To promote the value of being a woman, we offer a forum for women to pause and reflect about the direction their lives are taking. We present women with the opportunity to integrate and better fulfill their important role in the family as well as their personal and professional aspirations and responsibilities to achieve their true fulfillment. We are a voice for an integral understanding of womanhood in all its dimensions.

Ideas we will Promote:

Culture we want to Create:

How we will do this:

Through innovative, well-executed activities, discussions and programs that will educate women, discover solutions to the vast array of issues women face, help them identify what’s really important in their lives, and make choices enabling them to live according to these priorities and journey toward true fulfillment. Our program will include:

Long-Term Vision:

To become an organization nationally recognized for our knowledge on issues affecting women (family, personal development, work, financial, health, etc.), to become a meaningful resource for women locally and around the country as they search for balance in their lives, and to be an influential voice for change for women in our society. To make a difference in women’s lives, one woman at a time.

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